Symbols in Bigfoot Footnotes

Apparently, I’m on a Drang kick because I have just been getting all kinds of inspiration from his site during the last few days.

I’ve talked about Bigfoot before as a great and elegant way of making annotations on a site. Upon reading some Dr. Drang’s posts, I realized that he uses a snowflake icon, ❆, as his inline footnote placeholder. What a great idea! Considering the theme of this site, I decided to incorporate a Font Awesome flask, , as mine.

All I had to do was edit the bigfoot-default.css file as shown below: 1

You can find the full file here for reference.

  1. I use the connotation of the word “all” lightly. It really took me about an hour and a half to figure it out. Let’s just say I’m still learning CSS…

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