Adding Style Sheets to ChemDraw in Windows 8

One of my favorite blogs, Totally Synthetic, has a F.A.Q. that includes a download of the ChemDraw style sheet (“stationery” for Mac users) that the author uses for his beautiful drawings. If you wanted to add a style sheet like this to your collection, you would have to add the .CDS file to the ChemDraw Items folder, which was usually found at

C:\Program Files\CambridgeSoft\ChemOffice2006\ChemDraw\ChemDraw Items

However, for people like me on Windows 8.11, this directory does not exist. Instead, you should enable view of “Hidden Items” and head over to:

C:\ProgramData\CambridgeSoft\ChemOffice2012\ChemDraw\ChemDraw Items

Perhaps this is already common knowledge, but with my denseness and failed Google searches, I only discovered this by chance…

Hope this helps others who were confused as well!

  1. Yes, much to my sadness I will be using Windows for work-related stuff until I graduate.

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