Who will be the next “Chemistry Champion”?

The American Chemical Society recently hosted an online video contest, where contestants were to describe their research in 3 minutes or less to a non-science audience. This comes at a perfect time when our society needs effective science communicators more than ever.

I entered this contest and was amazingly picked as a semifinalist, allowing me to travel to San Francisco, CA to the American Chemical Society National Meeting and compete in the semifinals (and hopefully finals). Not only do us semifinalists get to compete, but we also get a day full of training on how to become more effective science communicators (including improv training). What a great opportunity!

I will be updating on my progress and live-tweeting as much as I can from the event. Follow me on Twitter @shannonwoodruff or view my latest tweets in the widget to the right of this post.

For those of you who are curious, here is my video entry:

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