Life, holidays, and Pi

Life has been a little hectic over here as one would expect during the holiday season. Too many papers to write at once, too many reactions to complete, and too much tutoring to be done before traveling to visit my family for Christmas. One of these days, my wife and I will be able to have Christmas in our own home… one of these days…

However, amongst all the chaos, I have made a very exciting decision. With the enthusiastic like-mindedness of a couple of friends, I am about to start exploring something that I have wanted to for over a year now: the Raspberry Pi. I will post more about this awesome, low-cost computer and the vast number of possibilities for its use that exist.

With this and the inspiration of my wife’s growing success on YouTube,1 I have decided to casually start a YouTube channel of my own, which will serve as a type of open “video lab notebook” for my projects and other things that make up the educational portion of this site. More on this soon as well!

  1. She’s pretty much a YouTube celebrity. 

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